About Us

Our Story - Objective

Lipslock ventures is an innovative and enterprising waste management company that offers integrated solutions for the collection, recovery, recycling, reusing and disposal of waste. We also specialize in renewable solutions such as solar and power control solutions such as power back up systems which provide electricity without depleting the earth’s limited resources.

We achieve this by offering both hybrid and stand-alone systems. We specialize in Design, Installation and Maintenance of Industrial Electronics/Electrical Systems, products and accessories. These include UPS, Solar Electric Systems, Solar Water Heating Systems, Power
Back-Up Systems, Power Controls and related fields. Lipslock ventures has been in the market for 7 years, working in partnership with residents, the public and private sectors to promote a clean healthy and sustainable environment. It is a leading waste management company,
committed to the environment. We find it poignant that our planet is made up of 70% water, and so are our bodies. The ocean plays a massive part in how the earth functions, even in upcountry.

Water is what makes the world green, and this big green-blue marble we call home paints a pretty picture – one that Lipslock ventures would very much like help to preserve and keep beautiful, while still meeting the needs of the world’s people. Lipslock ventures was established in 2012 by ANGELLA WANJIRU WACEKE as the C.E.O and main shareholder with the aim of collecting garbage and recycling waste in our society.

Our Vision

The Vision of Lipslock ventures is working together to realize the aspirations of her customers.

Our Mission
  • Be the partner of choice for all our customers in all the markets in which we do business.
  • Consistently exceed our financial targets over time for the benefit of all our stakeholders
  • Attract, challenge and retain the most capable people in our industry
  • Respect the communities and environment in which we operate

Drive & Determination

Person Behind It

Angella Wanjiru
Managing Director

Core Values

  1. Embracing Differences: acknowledging the diverse contributions of those we interact with, through listening and sharing knowledge, with the purpose of creating a supportive environment.
  2. Difference: we believe that each human can make a difference, either alone or together with others – but we believe the greatest differences can be made together.
  3. U-Turn: we want to be a company that helps to reverse the damage man has done to the planet, so we want to restore, revitalize, renew, and refresh, through effective waste management.
  4. Commitment: taking responsibility for our work.
  5. Respect: treating all people with respect and dignity.
  6. Integrity: dealing in an open, fair and ethical manner, in all aspects of our lives.
  7. Passion: striving for excellence by completing tasks with initiative, enthusiasm, drive and enjoyment.

Skill Sets

Lipslock Ventures has a competent team, as a result of knowledge and experience. This is based on a familiarity of a field of knowledge acquired over years of actual practice which has resulted to a superior understanding of our products and services. In the long run we have been able to meet the needs of our customers adequately and efficiently via our team and the customer support service team. Our staff are not only trained on the technical aspects but on sound customer management techniques which are put in place to make the customer fully satisfied with our service.
We like to present our strength as the expertise we have in the industry. Our team has years of experience in the Electrical, Solar and Electronics field backed by numerous successful installations that we have successfully completed within Kenya. We are highly customer centric with most of our efforts geared towards customer satisfaction. We offer extensive warranty on all our products and our after-sales service structure allows us to take on any products related to our partner manufacturers for repair or service irrespective of where they were originally purchased. This is because of our understanding of the gaps found in after sales service.